Energy follows thought.  What are you thinking now? And now?  Are these your thoughts or your mother’s, or a teacher’s or even something in our society?  Socrates says, “Know thyself.”   For me, having an intention is a wonderful way to get to know myself.  I have used a system of tracking to find the origin of my thoughts, especially the critical or negative ones.  If the thought is “you can’t do that” or ‘that is stupid,” if I do not question where it comes from I might assume that it is my thought.  After I track the thought back, I might learn that it was something my brother or sister always said to me as a kid.  So the question now is, is it true in this moment?  No, I can choose my thoughts. What a great idea!  And in choosing, that is where my Power is.  The only thing I can change is how I respond – my thoughts and my actions.

I create an intention for the day, i.e. – my intention is to be fully present with my Whole Amazing Self.  My intention may change many times during the day.  I might have an intention when I teach or when I a doing a healing session with someone.  I will have an intention when speaking with one of my kids or when I have a difficult situation to deal with.  Intention keeps your mind focused on the positive and is also co-creating your reality.  What are your thoughts now?  Inhale-Love      Exhale-Fear


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